What is PU Leather?

While shopping for clothing or accessories you may have come across material called PU Leather or faux leather and asked yourself, What is PU Leather?

There is a difference between regular or original leather and PU leather. PU leather can be described as faux leather or synthetic leather. It sometimes consists of split leather combined with a layer of polyurethane which is embossed onto the surface. It is also referred to as bicast leather but has some similarities to original or genuine leather. Genuine leather is durable, of superior quality and will mostly last a very long time. Synthetic leather on the other hand is man made and looks and feels a lot like original leather.



Products such as purses, handbags, clutches are designed to look like genuine products made of real leather. With the current economy, more and more fashion focused people prefer trendy yet affordable products and will lean towards PU products. Here is our rundown of PU Leather vs Genuine Leather

  • PU leather based products really look great, last long and need little care.
  • Leather needs regular care and is quite expensive.
  • PU products do not wear easily even though they do not last as long as genuine leather.
  • PU Leather will however need regular care such as cleaning to remove dirt and dust and other contaminants.
  • Should PU leather products such as a purses or handbags get damaged, they can easily be repaired and more easily be replaced.
  • While genuine leather is great, it is costly and needs regular maintenance.
  • PU leather products are more affordable, durable, reliable and look just as great as other products.



While it is less durable than original leather, it is considerably cheaper and is used to produce great looking, affordable products such as wallets, purses and handbags that are comparable to the leather versions. For more fashion related articles and directories, check out Fashion Listings!



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